Before and After Faux Painting Techniques

Columns before. Columns after faux marble technique. Columns after faux marble technique.
Columns before. Columns painted to match the granite fireplace.
Plain white walls before. The room comes to life after a Reductive Ragging technique.
This is one of six fluted columns that were cut down to fit in the space. Unfortunately, the flutes went into the base instead of ending before the base. This is one of the completed columns after the repairs.
Foyer before. This is a color wash on the columns and sections above, also the base and capitols of the columns are an antiqued gold.
Stairway wall before. Stairway wall with Faux leather/Frottage finish.
This is one of 6 plain white columns. This is one of 6 faux marble columns.
A work in progress. Finished staircase wall with a Venetian Plaster technique.
Exisitng work on wall. Fresh vine painted on wall.